Experience the Teams of
FUSE 2024

Production Team

Production Team works to put the entire event together. Coordinating between teams and the venue, advertising the event and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Peoria Fresh

The Peoria Fresh application design will network together local gardeners, food banks and food recipients to create an effective system that meets community needs.

Animation Capstone

Animation Capstone is a series of animated shorts created by the Bradley University Animation Seniors. Over the course of a year and a half, each of these films was imagined, written, animated and edited by one of our lovely students. They present to you the final result of all their hard work on the big screen.

Wakey Wakey

This game was originally made in 48 hours for Bradley University's Kaboom Backlog Game Jam. Wakey Wakey was created by a team of 6 people and was declared the winner by the team of faculty judges.

Dome Animations

Immersive full-dome animations created specifically for the planetarium using a variety of animation techniques.

Creature Cafe

Creature Cafe is a short film about the tired and cautious Dani and the optimistic and kind Puffi. These two struggling bakers needing to make ends meet get a late call from a mysterious customer, asking them to deliver a cake to their bakery's basement. Of course they're going to take that opportunity, it's not like they have anything better to do. What could possibly go wrong?

Grimstone Valley

Grimstone Valley is a third-person supernatural action game set in the wild west. When overreaching rail tycoons ally with a doomsday cult in a grab for power, the region of Grimstone Valley is beset by alien corruption. Cultists are granted grotesque new forms, monsters are summoned from beyond the pale, and sleepy frontier towns are torn asunder.

Our Name Is The Stars

Our Name Is The Stars is a space exploration game where you journey through engaging environments with rich storytelling elements and interact with characters in order to progress an overarching narrative. Play as Ismii Asama as they unravel the secrets of interstellar travel while discovering the reasons behind their fathers disappearance.


i-Sky hopes to bring the life of the seas to the skys in this i-Spy themed photo taking experience. Animals, plants, floating islands and much more to see.

It’s a Good Day

The "It's a Good Day" experience includes a visual blending of 2D media and 3D modelling.


A quick two player card game with multiple ways to play.

Final Notice

“Final Notice” is an animated short film. The animation follows the main character, Hana Momoko, a mechanic who needs to win a combat robot tournament in order to win the cash prize and pay her final notice of rent.

Ferryman Fishing

Ferryman Fishing offers the chance to explore the depths of the River Styx with trusty pole in hand. Utilizing a genuine fishing rod combined with haptic feedback and a T.V. screen, players will be able to feel every moment of reeling in a plethora of bizarre fish to feed their buddy Cerberus.

Forever Soup

A cooperative card game based on the real concept of a perpetual stew. Players will pick up where the last game left off, adding ingredients to a pot of soup and feeding weary travelers in a medieval inn. Together they’ll make a soup that can be maintained forever.

Pinball Playground

Pinball Playground is a 2D Fast Paced Pinball Experience where players add new elements to a pinball course as they play and rack up points to get the highest score before time runs out.

SoulSync City

Run, fight, escape. In SoulSync City escape a city overtaken by Modulus, a rogue combat AI. Play as Mei, a rebel on the run, who has access to three unique tools that alter their movement in different ways, and enhances their kinetic energy-storing pistol, that deals damage based on speed. Using their tool(s) and pistol combination, take down Modulus, escape the city, and take back their soul.

Noir Cow

Noir Cow is a 2D top down action game. The game centers around an umbrella-wielding cow as he thwarts the operations of a gang of criminal pigs because they are selling milk. That is unforgivable.


Momentag is a fast-paced grappling hook tag game. Avoid and tag players while swinging around a city to win!

Craftway Racers

Bring out your inner child by racing crafted cars through a simple track. Watch out, as new obstacles and power-ups will appear on the track as you drive!


This animation follows an astrobiologist named Valerie who travels to a mysterious planet called Ceryneia in order to find an elusive flower that will save her loved one from a horrible illness.

Washed In Shadow

Washed In Shadow is a FMV Choose Your Own Adventure game. Unlike last year where the audience was a character, now the audience acts as the mind of the detective in a 1950s noir style mystery that is presented before them. They must make decisions for the detective to try and unravel the mystery and get to the bottom of the strange stainings that is happening to everyone's laundry!

Happy Haunting!

Happy Haunting! is a 1v4 competitive asynchronous game where a ghost hunter tries to exorcize four ghosts while they attempt to stop him. At the arcade table, each ghost has their own unique ability. While on the PC, the hunter navigates a haunted house in a 3D first-person view. Ward off your ghoulish adversaries as the hunter or deviously thwart your challenger a ghost in this 90-second spooktacular experience!

Gallery of Guilt

Gallery of Guilt is a murder mystery game where players search for clues around the Peoria Riverfront Museum to solve a murder. Players step into the shoes of a detective tasked with unraveling the baffling mystery that has rocked this city's mueseum.

A Chilling Autumn Night

You're a farmer trying to deliver hay to your hungry animals back at the barn. You must rely on your friendly-possessed tractor to escort you there and fend off monsters with your trusty flashlight along the way.

Color Chaos

A fun and quick 2D fighting game with an interesting twist on combat! Experience the destruction and chaos of ruining others hard work!

Neon Harbor Jetski Force

Start your first day right as a new recruit of the Neon Harbor Jetski Force! Speed through the waterways of the bright and colorful city as you chase the bank robber trying to get away! Use our handlebar game controller to chase after the criminal, dodge his sea mine attacks and other obstacles, rack up a high score of recovered cash, and finally make the arrest to keep Neon Harbor safe from harm! All in a days work for the Neon Harbor Jetski Force!

Shifting Chasms

Shifting Chasms is a 2D Action platformer, which has the player traverse through two alternate versions of the same level. These dimensions lead to unique platforming challenges, which challenge your reaction time and skill.