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April 19th at 6 PM
Peoria Riverfront Museum

Welcome to FUSE 2024, Bradley University’s end-of-year showcase for its Interactive Media department and other departments.

As a VIP or an alumni, you will be welcomed into the Peoria Riverfront Museum on April 19th, to beat the crowds and have a more intimate setting to network and get to know our students professionally and personally.

This showcase is a great way for our students to get to know you and receive your feedback, and for you to meet our students and see where the future of Interactive Media lies. Innovative projects such as games with custom-made controllers, animations made to fit a dome, and other unique projects will also be showcased.

We look forward to meeting you, your attendance is valuable to us and we are grateful for your time.

Want to become VIP?

If you want to become a VIP, email Ray Hazlip:

Give us your name, industry, and how you heard about FUSE.