In Dedication of FUSE 2020

FUSE 2020 had many great projects and games in the works, but couldn't be shown to the public at the Peoria Riverfront Museum due to unfortunate circumstances. While these projects were not able to receive the recognition they deserved then, now we can take a look back at the amazing games students were working on last year and give them the attention they deserve.

2020 Fuse Projects


Rockpocalypse would have been an on-rails first-person shooter that used a guitar controller. Players would use their strumming skills to destroy the enemies of rock n' roll!


Players would have become the legendary musician Amadeus Mozart in Chromawave, with music making all sorts of colors and patterns on-screen. If four players were involved, they could work together to create a symphony!

Suplex City

Suplex City would have been a co-op beat 'em up with a focus on simple and fun gameplay. Players would have had to show off their might to get through a dangerous and action-packed city.

Astro Bees

Astro Bees would've been focused on teaching kids the power of genetics by taking control of a bee attempting to cross-pollinate flowers in space.

Early Bird

Early Bird would have been the ultimate way to release pent up tension by having players take the role of a rooster doing his job to wake up an entire town. The game would have utilized an actual microphone controller to get players screaming in order to wake everyone up!

Compliment Clash

In Compliment Clash, players would have gone against each other in a competition to see who could compliment the other the best by utilizing their creativity and typing skills.

Not Earth

In Not Earth, players get to visit a whole new world with amazing sights to see. It would have been an immersive virtual reality experience, with an included massage chair to truly make players feel like they are on a strange alien planet.

The Last Charade

In The Last Charade, players would solve puzzles using augmented reality by searching locations for clues and crime scenes in order to solve the ultimate mystery.