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FUSE is an exhibition where Interactive Media students at Bradley University showcase the team projects they have been working on over the school year.

About FUSE

FUSE is the student showcase where Bradley University’s creatives from the Interactive Media Department are able to show off their work that they have been collaborating on over the school year. Bringing together the communities of technology, art, and media, FUSE gives the public an idea of what it means to be a student in the popular areas of animation, UI/UX design, game design, game art, and much more. It also shows the public the best of the Interactive Media Department and the time and effort that goes into their work.

Founded on the idea of bringing together industry professionals and the public, FUSE acts as a way for both groups to take a close look into the processes and pieces of Bradley University’s designers and developers. Including video reels, student conversations and interviews, engaging learning, and interactive exhibits filled with projects, FUSE is a must-see online event for the year.

FUSE Projects

Compendium Reel