Heather Ford

Heather is an Assistant Professor that leads and coordinates the User Experience Program for the Department of Interactive Media. She has been a professional in this industry with over twenty years of fine art, digital creative, and UI/UX experience in the commercial and academic sectors. She is highly experienced in applying methodologies of user experience design and research to website, mobile, AR/VR, branding, and product design. She been a designer for several Fortune 500 clients working with companies and organizations such as Disney, Maui Jim, United Way, NASA, U.S. Air Force, Museum of Science and Industry, Nike, and Home Depot, utilizing a Human and Humanity Centered Design approach. Heather has been a speaker for Nielsen Norman Group and the US UX Research Summit. She explores creating innovative and exciting human centered design experiences, methods, and strategies that involve user interface, user experience, and fine art. These create innovative and exciting skills, processes, and strategies that include the human’s participation in a fine art and digital environment. She combines human-centered experiences incorporating drawings and illustrations, user interface and experience design, animation, AR/VR and graphic design skills and techniques. When designing, the goal is to consider the user’s perception, context, environment, and physical space while they are experiencing a new design methodology.