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Welcome to FUSE: the annual student showcase for Bradley’s Interactive Media Department. Combining art, technology, media, and community, FUSE is your chance to engage with interactive exhibits, animation screenings, and innovative learning experiences. Our event April 30th at the Peoria Riverfront Museum from 10am-5pm.

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Catapult Projects are cross-discipline projects worked on by freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. In the fall semester, students are split into teams and tasked with pitching a game or experience that could be featured at that year’s FUSE. Approved projects are developed throughout the spring semester with feedback from professors and fellow students. This year, nine Catapult Projects are being showcased at FUSE. In this list we have also included our Master’s game, Belissimo! and our Game Design Capstone Disaster Golf.


What started as a fun day at the intergalactic Astrofacts museum, is quickly turned on its head as disaster strikes. Priceless artifacts are scrambled around the museum as the curators rush to repair the damage. It’s up to you to piece together the space artifacts to help bring ancient history back to life. 


Bellissimo is a 3D platformer where you play as the heroic mushroom Bello on his quest to save the world. Embark on a journey filled with adventure and wonder that can only be described as Bellissimo.

Cannon Brawl

Grab a cannon and take aim! Embark on the quest of a lifetime to obtain the world’s most sought after treasure. Battle a friend in a head to head brawl as you shoot cannon balls and evade enemy fire. Experience high stakes on the high seas. Can you sink them before they sink you?

Constellation Exploration

Immerse yourself in the stories of the stars with Constellation Exploration, a VR experience that will forever change the way you see the night. Through minigames, animations, and interactive activities, watch a gallery of epic heroes and abominable monsters unfold before your eyes.

Disaster Golf

Disaster Golf is based on the aesthetic and style of miniature golf. There’s nothing slow or methodical about this golf game. Race against the clock to beat each hole’s par time. The variety of disaster combinations, from earth-shaking meteors to blinding sandstorms, can help you quickly reach each hole. 

End of Feline

Ready your claws for battle. You and your three magical, feline companions are locked into heated combat with the evil cat wizard Crinitus. Using the powers of the elements, cast QR code spells and work together with your team to vanquish this furry fiend. It’s meow or never. This is The End of Feline.


FUSEbox is a mobile web app designed specifically for FUSE. This is your inside look at the creative process behind the interactive experiences showcased at this event. Earn points along the way to exchange for prizes!

Meditation Station

In this immersive VR experience, discover a magical world with babbling brooks, fantastical creatures, and a soundtrack that’ll whisk you away from your worries. 

Mismatched Mayhem

Mismatched Mayhem is a 2D arcade brawler in which players assemble and battle it out with their own custom monsters.

Rhythm Rumble

Get your groove on and become a dance-fighting master with Rhythm Rumble! Choose between a hip hop legend and a formidable ballet dancer. Select a fighting move, then dance to the rhythm using the on-screen step sequence to damage your opponent in a heated dance off. 


In augmented reality, explorers will be able to customize their own plant to their liking with thousands of possible combinations. Before leaving the planet, each explorer will be able to take home a photo of their creation, so that they can remember the impact they made.