Plugged In is your direct current into the behind the scenes work on FUSE’s catapult projects, student developed interactive experiences a year in the making. Take a behind the scenes look at the work that goes into making the media you see today. 

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Episode 7 : Polish and Demolish

On the 7th episode of FUSE Plugged In we check in with Astrofactz, Meditation station, Mismatched Mayhem and Theia. All the teams are polishing their projects and making some last minute changes. Let’s see what happens!

Episode 6 : Modifying and Applying

After the massive amount of testing each of the projects have now gone through its time for the teams to evaluate what needs to be changed. In this episode we talk with Cannon Brawl, FUSEbox, and End of Feline to discover how they are planning on pushing forward to FUSE.

Episode 5 : Receiving the Feedback

FUSE Plugged In is back for its fifth installment. With over 130 playtesters, all our teams received invaluable feedback. Let’s see what the testers said and what changes the teams may have to make.

Episode 4 : Same Danger, Different Voltage

With the FUSE showcase looming and teams making cuts, some teams have had to change parts of their projects. Lets find out what is happening with the teams this week.

Episode 3 : Making the Cut

We are back for the third installment of Plugged In. Let’s see how Astrofactz, Meditation Station, Mismatched Mayhem, and Theia are getting along. With time running out until the FUSE showcase some of the teams are scrambling.

Episode 2 : Innovation & Iteration

During FUSE Plugged in this week, we checked in with, Cannon Brawl, FuseBox, Constellations Exploration, End of Feline, and, Rhythm Rumble.

Episode 1 : Lights, Camera, Assets!

We introduce you to the team members of Theia, Astrofactz, Mismatched Mayhem, and Meditation Station as we look behind the scenes at the beginnings of this year’s Catapult Projects.