About Me

I am a junior animation major from Denver, Colorado, double minoring in computer science and graphic design. This year, I was chosen to be the executive producer for Fuse. It’s been quite the adventure, considering this is the first-ever virtual Fuse! Beyond animation, I work in the IT department as a senior-level consultant and on Tech Crew as a team lead and shadow manager at Bradley. Recently, I accepted a visual design internship at Spectrum Telecommunications in Denver. This will be my second summer at Spectrum. Outside of Bradley, I spend my time learning about serial killers, making up terrible puns, and forcing my friends to drive me to McDonald’s at 3:00 am. After graduation, I plan on venturing into the world of visual and graphic design.

Featured Projects


The FUSE Production team were in charge of the direction and theme of this year's FUSE website, collecting information and art from the project teams, writing up some of the website text, and going through multiple processes of iteration to create all of the art assets for the site. It was their vision that helped bring FUSE back to life for 2021.