About Me

Hi, I’m Steven Drovie, a Senior Game Design Major and Computer Science Minor. For the past year, I’ve been the lead programmer of my 20-person game design capstone team working on A Cog in the Cosmic Machine! During my time at Bradley, I’ve grown to love the process of developing games from discovery to polish. Each stage provides a newfound depth to incorporate into the player’s experience. In particular, I’ve found myself drawn to gameplay programming, developing systems and interactions that players can enjoy and lets designers explore their creativity. With my graduation from Bradley this spring, I plan to continue to pursue my passion for games through a programming internship at Deep Silver Volition!

Featured Projects

Normal Pizza for Normal People

Under The Moonlight

Find Your Light

Sometimes you have to make hard choices: sacrificing your crew members may be bad, but ticking off your stockholders could be worse. In A Cog in the Cosmic Machine, you are an AI transporting cargo through the dangers of space and capitalism. The only constant in space is value. Construct and modify your ship in preparation for your journey; manage your resources effectively to survive the long trip safely to port. Explore a branching narrative as you make tough decisions, navigate crew tensions, and balance the value of human lives with the value of cold, hard capital.