About Me

Hi, I'm Spencer McDaniel, a junior User Experience Design and Psychology double major at Bradley University. My career interests belong in the field of user research, where I can utilize my passions of UI/UX design and psychology. Outside of my studies, my hobbies include hiking, disc golf, and video games. Overall, the passion for my career stems from the goal of researching and applying designs to ensure digital media is user-friendly.

Featured Projects

Caterpillar UX Design Challenge for World Usability Day World Usability Day (WUD) will kick off with a UX Design Challenge that will be a collaboration between the Cat Digital UX team and students in the UX major at Bradley University. Students will work alongside Cat professionals in groups of 4 to solve UX design issues for Caterpillar regarding their mobile and web B2C website. The design challenge will take place over one day with the students presenting their idea/s at the end of the day and during the World Usability Day Conference at Caterpillar. Students will work on their designs a month before November 8th based upon the research finding provided from Caterpillar to date. On November 8th, the students will be user testing the designs at Caterpillar’s UX testing division office and revise their designs onsite for a final solution. The designs will be displayed during the gallery walk at UX World Usability Day.