About Me

I am a game designer, artist, and writer with a love for animals and a passion for narrative. I came from the Los Angeles area to earn a Game Design degree at Bradley. When I am not focused on my studies, I am usually gaming, petting my chihuahuas, or treating myself to hard-earned self-care. During my time at Bradley, I have worked on card games, dice games, and 2D/3D digital games. While I prefer to generate and refine ideas as a designer, the courses I’ve taken at Bradley have taught me to code in several languages; create and manage assets with the Unity game engine; create 3D models using Blender; plan deadlines with my team; and work on a project for a client. My most recent project started in January 2021, where I work on a team of 10 to make a 2D kid's strategy game for the Peoria Park District.

Featured Projects


Crazy Eights: Coded in C++ (Madigan_Skyler_1.mp4)

Friendly Fire is a 3D collectathon inspired by old-school entries into the franchise as well as newcomers alike. This game places you in control of a friendly fire sprite named Wick and challenges you to explore ordinary house-hold locations at the size of a candle flame. Jump, dash, and attack your way through unique levels. All the while, enjoy platforming challenges, a unique combat system, and clever puzzles that all take advantage of your fiery nature.