About Me

My name is Myah Bastian and I'm a Junior animation student from Galesburg IL, though I did just find a new home in Riverview FL. I am a constant doodler and enjoy creating stories wherever I go. Due to this I've discovered that I need to always keep a sketchbook on me. I find inspiration just about anywhere, and when I get an idea I just have to put it to paper. Most of my doodles end up on a few art websites/social media sites, though I'm not the best at posting but I am getting better. Due to the quarantineI’ve had plenty of time to myself and I’ve managed to really get back into writing. I’m happy to say that out of all the negative that quarantine brought out, I did manage to get back into things that make me happy. I’ve managed to dig deep into a rework of an old idea I've had ever since I started creating characters.

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