About Me

I'm Kyle Peterson, a Junior Animator/Studio Artist from Naperville, Illinois. I'm passionate about 2D Character animation, graphic deisgn, digital illustration, and trading card design. I aim to use my animation and design skills to animate for games, TV, or any other industry that I could contribute to. Stuff like tokusatsu, Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon, and D&D are huge inspirations for my art. Working on the FUSE 2021 art team has been a great way for me to practice my graphic design/ illustration skills while learning new things, like how make style guides and web assets. I know this year's virtual show will be great, and I'm glad that I got to work on it.

Featured Projects

Rigging Final- Taro

Orchard Archfiend- Turntable

The FUSE Production team were in charge of the direction and theme of this year's FUSE website, collecting information and art from the project teams, writing up some of the website text, and going through multiple processes of iteration to create all of the art assets for the site. It was their vision that helped bring FUSE back to life for 2021.