About Me

Hello! My name is Kenzie Lindgren, and I am a User Experience Design major with a minor in Game Design. I have adored games ever since I was a kid, and have always wanted to make people fall in love with games the same way that I did. Currently, as of October 2020, I have been working at Deep Silver Volition as a Temp UX Designer, where I work with a variety of different teams on their next upcoming project. Prior to that, I served as the lead UX Designer for the Capstone game, "A Cog in the Cosmic Machine." Even though I am no longer on that project, I hope you check it out and see what it has to offer! I also served last year as the Executive Producer of FUSE 2020, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. I hope you check out what my team did in that year, because they deserve the recognition for their work!

Featured Projects

Sometimes you have to make hard choices: sacrificing your crew members may be bad, but ticking off your stockholders could be worse. In A Cog in the Cosmic Machine, you are an AI transporting cargo through the dangers of space and capitalism. The only constant in space is value. Construct and modify your ship in preparation for your journey; manage your resources effectively to survive the long trip safely to port. Explore a branching narrative as you make tough decisions, navigate crew tensions, and balance the value of human lives with the value of cold, hard capital.