About Me

Hello, my name is Jackson Laumann, I am a Game Design major with a Computer Science minor at Bradley University and I hail from Minnesota. Growing up I got hooked on programming through an hour of code class where we messed around with Scratch and block coding. Since then I learned coding language after coding language to broaden my skill range. I am extremely proficient at multiple programming languages and I like to spend spare time creating personal game projects in Unity using C#. Personally, I can't create art for the life of me, so I hope one day to join a small or large development studio and work programming and designing video games. When I'm not working as an after school teacher or Bradley teacher's assistant I spend my free time on my own projects, gaming, or honing my skills at competitive shooting ranges.

Featured Projects

Killer Worm! Gameplay

Crypt of the Huntsman Gameplay

Deadshot Prototype Gameplay