About Me

Emily Allar’s interest in art and design led her to pursue a degree in Animation, a minor is Studio Arts: Graphic Design, and a minor in User Experience Design in her hometown. This semester, she is the Art Director for the FUSE website and the Teacher’s Assistant for Practicum (IM 226/IM426). As the ART director, she has directed her team in the creation of all of the artistic elements on the website and has collaborated with the FUSE Website Team in contributing to the design process. She hopes that in her years at Bradley University she gains the skills and experience necessary to enter the work field. For more information about her work or other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact her.

Featured Projects


The FUSE Production team were in charge of the direction and theme of this year's FUSE website, collecting information and art from the project teams, writing up some of the website text, and going through multiple processes of iteration to create all of the art assets for the site. It was their vision that helped bring FUSE back to life for 2021.