About Me

I am a Game Design and English double major. My strengths lie in those fields, but I have picked up plenty of programming along the way. In general, I love stories. They are what motivate me to do this job, to play and hack tabletop games, to spend hours untangling a film. I think the limits of game narratives have yet to be explored and want to be there on the cutting edge. I am committed to making better stories, and better games.

Featured Projects

Sometimes you have to make hard choices: sacrificing your crew members may be bad, but ticking off your stockholders could be worse. In A Cog in the Cosmic Machine, you are an AI transporting cargo through the dangers of space and capitalism. The only constant in space is value. Construct and modify your ship in preparation for your journey; manage your resources effectively to survive the long trip safely to port. Explore a branching narrative as you make tough decisions, navigate crew tensions, and balance the value of human lives with the value of cold, hard capital.