About Me

I’m Christopher Green, a Game Design major at Bradley University with a minor in Computer Game Technology. I am from Sterling, Illinois, and when I am not at college I can always be found looking for new ways to broaden my scope of knowledge. Games have always been a dominant force in my life, and through them have helped me to create lifelong friends and many memories. I constantly strive to create/learn, and as such, I hope people feel aboutsimilarly about the things I make in the same way that I had felt growing up.

Featured Projects

Friendly Fire is a 3D collectathon inspired by old-school entries into the franchise as well as newcomers alike. This game places you in control of a friendly fire sprite named Wick and challenges you to explore ordinary house-hold locations at the size of a candle flame. Jump, dash, and attack your way through unique levels. All the while, enjoy platforming challenges, a unique combat system, and clever puzzles that all take advantage of your fiery nature.
You have been cursed. The magic burns away your arm, leaving behind a pink wireframe. With each passing day the sickening pink climbs further, consuming your body and leaving only neon, but it hasn't killed you yet. Use the vaporwave curse to your advantage, pull yourself to walls and objects, swing from ceilings, knock objects back, or blast yourself into the air. Track down the wizard who put this curse on you and find the cure. Swing your way through the wizard’s castle, up to the tallest tower, and save yourself from becoming vaporwave before it’s too late.