About Me

Hello! I'm Andrea Krebbers, a sophomore Animation major from the Chicagoland area who transferred to Bradley from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee after changing career paths from architecture to animation. I've developed a fondness for 3D modeling and art, though now that I've transferred to Bradley, I've discovered a love for digital art and animation, and have begun to broaden my horizons by learning programming in Java. I've been drawing and painting traditionally since I was 4, which has made me particularly fond of it. I love creating character and environment designs and concept art for animations and graphic design. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, painting, gardening, or playing video games, particularly RPGs. I've always loved the ability of animation to tell stories in a unique, beautiful fashion, both in movies, TV, and in video games. I'm hoping to obtain a job in the Chicagoland area after graduation, hopefully with a gaming studio.

Featured Projects

The FUSE Production team were in charge of the direction and theme of this year's FUSE website, collecting information and art from the project teams, writing up some of the website text, and going through multiple processes of iteration to create all of the art assets for the site. It was their vision that helped bring FUSE back to life for 2021.
The 88 students in IM 150, a design fundamentals course, were assigned a poster series in which each student chose a topic that was of personal interest, an exciting event or socially important issue. The students rocked the house; seen in the totallity, the students’ diverse voices and beautiful final solutions are a symphony of visual communication. In this attached selection, of many other excellent poster projects, the various aspects of the rubric are exemplified. The students were tasked to design an eye-catching design experience, which would be viewed from a distance, with the following criteria: • Create a clever concept and call to action (see if you can find the concept in the Chi-Town Blues Festival Poster) • Make connotative art which referenced the visual venacular of the subject matter applied with the elements of design (shape, line, texture, space, size, value), or drawing skills. • Adhere to a a grid (and consider breaking the grid). • Communicate to a specific audience. • Select a palette from the color harmonies. • Organize all of these elements into a dynamic relationship that activatesthe principles of design (balance, contrast, emphasis, focal point, rhythm, unity, and the Gestalt theory). • Finally, they applied their work to an environmental wall—an expresion of place—which supported the original concept, and sustained communication with the audience. Enjoy! IM 150 Instructors