About Me

Hello! I’m Abigail Irwin, I am a junior User Experience Design and Psychology double major with minors in Entrepreneurship and Neuroscience. I enjoy improving and creating human-centric experiences. My double major provides me with a depth of knowledge regarding user research, neuroscience, human factors, and interaction design principles.

Featured Projects

This semester of IM 366 has focused on teaching students how to apply their skills to the working world by connecting them with clients to make functioning websites.
  • FUSE
    • Bradley University is a college dedicated to its students and furthering their education with real-life experience. We designed their FUSE website to represent all the students and the work they have done over the past year, especially those that have been part of real projects.
  • Jolt Harm Reduction
    • Jolt foundation is a harm reduction and substance use disorder non-profit that empowers those to take control of their lives with compassion and kindness. We designed their new site to help Jolt provide resources and services for any in need with no judgment. The foundation offers medications, treatments, and counseling for anyone in the Peoria, IL area, ready to improve their strengths.
  • LULA
    • LULA provides street support and peer advocacy for those currently experiencing housing and/or food insecurity in the Peoria, Illinois area. We designed their site to provide deeper clarity about LULA and their services, to help serve the greater Peoria community.
  • Dance Connection Bartonville
    • Dance Connection of Bartonville is the leading dance company serving Bartonville and the Greater Peoria Area since 1989, they offer dance, tumbling, private classes, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more. We train with our dancers to do charity performances for non-profits organizations to encourage our young dancers to get involved and be active citizens in the community. We designed their new website to facilitate a better user experience and to increase the reach of their studio.
NASA SUITS is a collaborative design challenge offered nationwide that encourages university involvement in STEM research. The challenge involves designing an augmented reality environment on the Microsoft® HoloLens for astronauts to help them on spacewalks. Bradley University brings forth an adept interdisciplinary team whose members study in some of the Midwest’s most innovative technology departments. Together, we seek to optimally utilize the most cutting-edge, contemporary, and emerging technologies. We look to create an augmented experience that guides the user through space, missions, and procedures through our Interactive Media User Experience Design, Engineering, and Computer Science departments’ collaboration and resource.