Athena Volpendesta

Game Art Senior – 2024

Athena Volpendesta is a senior Game Art major and Creative Writing minor at Bradley University. They specialize in character concept art using Procreate, and illustrative artwork ranging from realism to abstract. Athena also has 3D experience in Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter, with a preference for sculpting characters. Rich stories are woven into each and every one of their designs, and they are capable of a large breadth in style for character designs. Their personal work explores the human experience in a cerebral, dreamy, and gritty way, often intertwining their love for nature into their work as well.
Athena is very inspired by and loves to play single player RPGs, loves to watch movies, read books, collect tea, and go out in nature.
Athena’s preferred studio would be an indie or mid sized studio where they could have more creative freedom on the art direction, and they would love to be an art director for a project someday.