Skyler Madigan

Game Design Senior – 2022

My name is Skyler, and I’m a game designer, artist, and writer with a love for animals (including Pokémon) and a passion for game narrative. I live in the Los Angeles area but went out-of-state to participate in Bradley’s esteemed Game Design Program. I don’t regret my choice at all. During my time at Bradley, I made games with different mediums, genres, and graphics. When working with teams, I found out that I had a natural knack for high-level thinking. I tried my hand several times at project management and struggled to communicate with my peers. At Bradley, I learned the tools of project management from my professors and an industry-professional mentor, improved my phrasing, and coached my peers on planning and agile development. I currently work as the project manager on my senior capstone project, Disaster Golf. It’s a very demanding role to manage a project with more than 25 team members, but I still enjoy the challenge.
My goal is to manage projects at video game companies that can do so much more than entertain. Games are portals to new perspectives in a time of uncertainty, and I believe they can spur action when the world needs it most.