Shadia Kincaid

Animation Freshman – 2025

Sup y’all. My name is Shadia Kincaid, and I am a freshman Animation Major from Lexington, Kentucky. Both the comic book industry and the video game industry have fueled my passion for the arts. My artistic abilities were mainly used in traditional media and are now being used to pursue a career in animation. I typically spend my time reading comic books, playing games, working on personal projects, or spending time with my friends. My interests in games and comics help me understand more about animation’s role in modern day society. Though comics do not necessarily show “animation”, the dynamic movements and intense plots help to explain a type of story. My greatest hope is that I can be a part of something greater, working with an amazing team of people to construct a story in which anyone could enjoy. I hope to partake in both the conceptualization process of a project through the early development stages and the animation aspect. My main skills involve constructing concept art, story development, core fundamentals of artistic design, and great knowledge and execution on a variety of mediums.