Scott Selke

Game Design Sophomore – 2024

Hello, my name is Scott Selke. I am a sophomore Game Design Major currently attending Bradley University. I’ve always been a creative person, always drawing and just overall creating different stuff, and video games have always fascinated me. I am proficient in using the Unity, Godot, and Unreal game engines, I also specialize in pixel art, graphic design, 3D modeling, Java, and C++. In my free time, I am currently working on three personal game projects, and I am learning GameMaker Studio, as well as instrumental music composition, I’m also trying to learn a little bit more about animation, and I know my way around the Microsoft Office Suite a bit as well as the Adobe Creative Cloud. Technology and video games are overall just something that I enjoy making, playing, or talking about, and I could definitely see myself having and enjoying a long time career in the industry.