Parker DeVenney

Game Design Sophomore – 2024

Hello! I am Parker DeVenney, and I am a sophomore Game Design Major with a Creative Writing Minor. I love all things fantasy, sci-fi, action, and adventure! Making unique worlds for games and creating characters to inhabit them is what I excell at. During my time at Bradley University, I have taken part in many great projects which have taught me countless lessons in the fields of design, animation, writing, and programming. I collaborated with others in my Major to produce awesome games like The Mighty Minotaur (the recipient of the “Physical Games, College” category of the 9-Card card game competition for the 2021 Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference), and a tower-defense video game called Tower of Power. One of my other notable achievements include my work on the new table-top roleplaying game called Highcaster. Creating fun and unique projects is my passion, and throughout the rest of my Bradley experience, I hope to grow and create even more!