Paige Fitch

Animation Junior – 2023

Paige is a junior Animation Major from Grayslake, Illinois. She was inspired to take up Animation after growing up on 2000s Saturday morning cartoons and Animated films such as Fantasia and The Last Unicorn. She is equipped with many tools of the trade in her field that allow her to not only make animations but also create rigs, model in 3D, storyboard, and visually develop her work. This works in Paige’s favor since her favorite phases in the Animation pipeline are production and pre-production. She has a soft spot for 2D hand-drawn animation, but she experiments with both 2D and 3D in order to use both their strengths to her advantage. When she isn’t animating, Paige can be found spending her time wisely at the gym, going to St. James Church, working at the Renaissance Coliseum, or attending Cereal Club. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Paige about her work and experience at Bradley University. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have!