Noah Ferguson

Game Design Sophomore – 2024

My name is Noah Ferguson, and I am a sophomore Game Design Major at Bradley University. I like to think of myself as a very creative person who has always spent his time imagining various things that I could then put onto the screen. I love playing video games. It is one of the primary reasons that I even chose Game Design as my major. I also love listening to music and reading as my hobbies. They are both good stress relievers for me as well, allowing me to live in the imaginary worlds that I think up while doing them. One of my favorite types of genres of games and stories is without a doubt fantasy. The reason for this is because fantasy has endless possibilities of what type of stories, settings, characters, etc. can be made. My goal in game development is to be able to make games that are not only fun, but games that are so good that they can actually redefine games as a whole and change how people view them as a whole. I think that trying to push the limits of gaming is always such a fun thing to try and do.