Myah Bastian

Animation Senior – 2022

Hey there, I’m Myah Bastian, a senior Animation Major and Film Studies Minor from Riverview FL. I have experience with both 2D and 3D but lean more towards 2D art. I highly prefer using Adobe products, but just recently I’ve branched out to other software like Clip Studio Paint and Maya. Yes, everytime the program is mentioned I think someone is talking to me. I get confused all the time. I’m a constant doodler and enjoy creating stories wherever I go. Due to this, I’ve discovered that I always need a sketchbook on me as I seem to find inspiration just about everywhere I go. I love character design, mainly creating creatures like dragons or aliens. There is no limit on what they could look like and that’s the fun! When I’m not doodling or creating stories, I enjoy playing video games and D&D with my friends!