Marissa Edwards

Game Design Freshman – 2025

Hello there! I’m Marissa Edwards, a freshman Game Design Major from Dunlap, Illinois and currently attending Bradly University. I’ve loved games and stories since I was little and hope to write the plot and/or lore for games as a career. I’m a little new to everything (especially coding), but I hope that as I learn more, I’ll be able to write better stories and create better games. What I love most about game design is that I get to work with people who are creative and fun to create new games and experiment with them. In my spare time, I like playing video games, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Featured In

What started as a fun day at the intergalactic Astrofacts museum is quickly turned on its head as disaster strikes. Priceless artifacts are scrambled around the museum as the curators rush to repair the damage. It’s up to you to piece together the space artifacts to help bring ancient history back to life.