Maddox Night Binder

User Experience Design Junior – 2023

I am Maddox Night Binder, this year’s Student Executive Producer of FUSE. I have a deep passion for designing, creating, and executing meaningful experiences for others; a drive which has led me to pursue majors in both User Experience Design and Psychology. I am extraordinarily driven and determined, launching myself fully into everything I do and doing my best to never let an impactful opportunity pass me by. I have a well-rounded background consisting of interface design for desktop and mobile, event curation, sound design, video and audio editing, theatrical and dramatic arts, educational design, industrial design, presentation, and public speaking. In past years, I have designed for and presented designs to both local companies such as Trajectory Energy and global companies like Caterpillar and Google. My time at Bradley University so far has enabled me to expand and exercise my wide range of interests and skills in incredible ways. Aside from my role as FUSE Producer, Bradley has facilitated many new opportunities for me in this year alone, granting me new perspectives on local communities, engagement with front-line community workers, working partnerships with OSF affiliates, and connections to potential jobs to be pursued in my career of interest. Even so, FUSE has been the heart of my passion this year, and I truly hope that you enjoy it.

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