Kyron Patterson

Game Design Junior – 2023

Kyron Patterson is a junior student at Bradley University. He majors in Game Design and minors in Studio Art. Ever since he was a child, Kyron enjoyed playing video games, drawing, and writing. Before long, his hobbies grew into admiration and then a passion. He began taking art classes at a very young age and gradually improved his craft as an artist. In his sophomore year of high school, Kyron began to take Game Design courses offered at his school. It took some time for him to grasp the concepts of Game Design, as well as learning how to code, but he was determined to succeed no matter the price. Kyron wanted to take his skills and turn them into something meaningful. He wanted to create games with magnificent worlds and characters while also designing spaces for others to escape into. He also wanted to understand more about the field of gaming, so that he could find ways to introduce new and innovative ideas into the fray. He believes that with the right amount of creativity, drive, and time, he can make anything. To him, coming to Bradley University is an important step that he must take if he truly wants to realize his goals.

Featured In

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