Kaitlin Otto

Animation Junior – 2023

Hi, I’m Kailie Otto, an Animation Major from St. Louis. I am pursuing a minor in Computer Science, and I have experience with Java, C++, and Python. I like to draw digitally in Procreate, model in Cinema 4D, and paint in my sketchbook. This semester (Spring 2022), I am on the Hollywood Semester working an internship at Kappa Studios and taking classes in Los Angeles. Through my intership as a VFX intern, I am gaining a lot of experience in After Effects as well as an understanding of all aspects of post-production. After I graduate, I hope to work with CG animation.

Featured In

Grab a cannon and take aim! Embark on the quest of a lifetime to obtain the world’s most sought after treasure. Battle a friend in a head to head brawl as you shoot cannon balls and evade enemy fire. Experience high stakes on the high seas. Can you sink them before they sink you?