Jeffrey Brent Walters

User Experience Design Junior – 2023

Hi! I’m J. Brent Walters, a junior UX Major here at Bradley University and I have experience in user interface development and 3D modeling. My interests include 3D modeling, graphic design projects, and even 3D animations and posting them on YouTube. Ever since I was little, I always knew that I was meant to be an artist or entertainer of some kind. I have been using Adobe for a long time since during my college years at ICC. I was shown how to use the elements and how to connect them to the audience. I hope that my work can make a difference and to make the message clear. I am also known to have been an excellent 3D modeler for years. All of my models are designed, textured and rigged using Blender and other open source technologies. I’m excited to bring my graphic design, 3D modeling, animations, and lots more side skills, and I love to have the experience for my next role. I am always available to get the work done and for doing custom projects. My interests are improving old art to grow in my graphic design and multimedia.