Evan Loraine

Animation Sophomore – 2024

Hi! I’m Evan Loraine, a sophomore Animation Major and Creative Writing Minor from St. Louis, MO. I can’t say creativity has always been a focus for me, my initial intent being to major in equine studies so I could work with horses. Over time, I found myself drifting towards art, my love for it growing exponentially until I knew there wasn’t any other option. This love was birthed from art’s ability to convey emotion and intrigue like no other medium. Animation takes this to the next level. I’ve always loved the ways that other artists are able to convey these complex feelings, and I’d like to do the same for others in my own fashion. At the moment, I’m mostly developing my technical skills, beginning to stretch into works of my own. Storyboarding is where I find myself drawn to most often and where my focus is being evermore allocated. Most of my time is spent sketching, painting, and coming up with stories, though I also enjoy rollerblading and photography, which go hand in hand nicely on late nights finding unexplored corners of campus!