Darlynn Best

Game Design Senior – 2022

Darlynn Best is a senior undergraduate student at Bradley University. She is majoring in Game Design and minoring in Art. Throughout her four years at Bradley, she has worked on and made plenty of games. Her focus tends to be on programming UI elements but has also worked on battle systems, puzzle design, and much more. She works the most in Unity, but she’s trying to learn Unreal and RPG Maker. She is proficient in C# and Java but is in the process of learning Python, C++, and HTML. She has a lot of experience with object-oriented programming and Unity’s built-in UI system. Outside of work, she still enjoys games. She takes the most inspiration from turn-based RPGs and horror RPGs.

Featured In

Disaster Golf is based on the aesthetic and style of miniature golf. Whimsical animals like hungry hippos, angry dinosaurs, and scared lizards that populate each hole; along with intriguing set pieces, like that volcano on the horizon beckoning you to its depths. Traverse colorful and chaotic environments, but be wary of something lurking beneath the surface.
There’s nothing slow or methodical about this golf game. Race against the clock to beat each hole’s par time. The variety of disaster combinations, from earth-shaking meteors to blinding sandstorms, can help you quickly reach each hole. Experiment and decide what you like best!