Charles Bolt

Game Design Senior – 2022

Hello, I am Charles Bolt, a Game Design senior with an interest and specialized skillset in game balancing, playtesting, QA, design work (concepting, design docs, iteration, etc.) I have an additional interest in UX. I have a minor in CS, and I can understand code and write it to an extent. I love tweaking values for balance reasons or learning from others how to create my own scripts. I regularly enjoy modifying games, typically starting with compiling the work of others into bug-tested, streamlined compilations. Since this process is time consuming, I generally attempt to share it with others when I can. I usually take in information from communities and common complaints, and try to understand where everyone comes from rather than modding to my complete personal preference. This has given me a much more robust understanding of target audiences, and I have procured substantial empathy for others and their personal preferences (or negative/positive experiences), and I am capable of rationalizing and understanding design choices from multiple viewpoints. I will find issues I never noticed before, which has helped create a hyper-attentive attitude when I playtest and modify games. If I can’t find what I need online made from others, I will weigh if it is worth the effort, and then I will find out how to do it myself. I am constantly learning, and I am not afraid to leave my comfort zone if needed for the vision of my project.