Athena Volpendesta

Game Art Sophomore – 2024

My name is Athena Volpendesta, and I am a sophomore at Bradley University in the Game Art Major. My primary focus has always been concept art, but I’ve developed an affinity for digital sculpting while attending classes at Bradley University. I strive to create strong storytelling elements that are impactful and meaningful within my art. I like to capture a wide range of breadth within my art, ranging from realism, surrealism, and to abstract, as well as a love for creative writing. In my personal art, I create works that explore the human subconscious and the layers of the psyche.

Featured In

Theia: a distant exoplanet, home to a number of diverse alien lifeforms, is now on the brink of ecological collapse. However, Gaia Enterprises is on a mission to revive the planet and has chosen you to join their expedition. You will create your very own unique and vibrant plant life to grow on Theia- be it a tree, a flower, or a new type of growth!

In augmented reality, explorers will be able to customize their own plant to their liking with thousands of possible combinations. Before leaving the planet, each explorer will be able to take home a photo of their creation, so that they can remember the impact they made.