Andrew Teague

Interactive Media Senior – 2022

Heya! I’m Andrew Teague, an Interactive Media student with a concentration in User Experience Design! I have always been interested in designing concepts, and I hope to do more of that outside of college! I’m skilled in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Premiere Pro, Clip Studio Paint, and Aseprite.

Featured In

Welcome to a wacky mismatched world, where mixed-up beasts clash in duels of cool. Mismatched Mayhem is a 2D arcade brawler in which players assemble and battle it out with their own custom monsters. Personalize all aspects of your creature, then send it to fight in a duel of epic proportions. Monsters will engage in combat in a variety of arenas using lightning, bananas, ray guns, and even their own limbs. Aid your monsters in combat by cheering them on. Nothing is off-limits in this matchup for the ages!