Myah Bastian

About Me

I'm a freshman Animation Major, from Galesburg Illinois. I've always had a great love of animation since I was little that never went away. From Disney to foreign animation, I love it all.
I've always had a dream of creating something in animation that would stick with someone as they go through life. Personally I wished that I would see more animated shows/movies that included a disabled person. Whenever someone like that appears in animation they are more often then not in a wheelchair. I want to see more variety, I want to create more of a variety. I've wanted to see a character that is like me, half deaf and struggling with things like spelling and such. I've always wanted a character like that, someone I could relate to. I want to create a character like that so maybe someone else can also relate to that character and find joy in them.

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Just a little something inspired by the current superhero craze going on. Some of these characters were created as little sketches and then made into something more. Most of them are based off simple concepts like ink, cowboy, armor, etc.

The Botanist

The Botanist

This came out of a 'what if' moment. This is the character Claudette Morel from the game "Dead By Daylight". It's a case of what if the hero was the villain, so this is what I think she would look like if she was a killer instead of a survivor. Since most of her backstory and role in game revolves around plants, I figured that her overall design needed to be based around plants.

Mako  Reference Sheet

Mako Reference Sheet

This is a reference sheet of a merman character I dubbed Mako. He was based on a Mako shark, hence the name. He spend a good year and a half with no actual finished design, he went through many different faces, even loosing his ear fins once, before I finally settled on this look.

Deep Space Escape is a Virtual Reality escape room set in a simulated training sequence. Jump into the HTC Vive in order to complete your training and become a space cadet! But, before you can become a real space cadet, you must first use your technology and find a way to repair your damaged ship. There are many obstacles to get across, objects to interact with, and puzzles to solve while inside the training simulation! Use your tools and your wit to make your way across your ship and repair the engine within the time limit, and finally become a real space cadet!