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Sarah McGlasson
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2018

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About Me

I’m Sarah McGlasson, a junior Computer Science major with a focus in Cyber Security and a minor in Game Design. As a result, I take a much more technical approach to most things. I have experience in various programming and scripting languages, such as C#, C++, Python, R, and more. Due to this I’m often in demand as a programmer within the Interactive Media department.

I’ve always had a desire to understand and learn, as a child I was never satisfied with a ‘just because’ answer. I always wanted to know how and why everything was the way it was. Having grown up surrounded by technology, it became the focus of this desire. Video Games in particular presented me with more than just a form of entertainment, they were a puzzle to be broken apart and solved. I would spend hours analyzing the games I had instead of playing them, figuring out how and why they did the things they did in the game. Going into middle school, my interest began to expand to the realm of creation, and I spent time teaching myself the basics of both electrical engineering and programming.

There are a variety of jobs I would be happy to hold in the future, from programmer to game designer to software architect. As long as it continues to provide me with new things to learn and ways to apply the things I already know, I’ll be content.

Featured Projects

Ursa Major is a cooperative bullet hell shooter designed for the arcade cabinet. Player one controls Ursa Major, a bear fighting to retake his home. Player two controls Ursa Minor, a skilled gunman and loyal ally. The players must work together to help the duo reclaim the woods from the tyranny of the robot overlords. Will you help them take back their forest?