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About Me

Hello! I'm an interactive designer and web developer from the beautiful city of Milwaukee, WI. I create innovative web applications and multimedia projects in order to help brands spread their mission, vision, and values on a worldwide scale.

In being a founding partner of Trinix Creative, I've been able to take my years of experience and apply them to a multitude of different clients.

I've always been driven to redefine the way people interact with modern media ever since my parents first purchased an Apple II. From there, I developed my skills and became indulged in the world of mass media - constantly seeking ways to express new ideas and concepts.

Featured Projects

The speeds of Earth-to-space communication depend on a variety of factors. Distances between and locations of communication satellites lead to varying positions of the sender and receiver. These variable can cause delays of a few seconds or up to twenty minutes. Twenty-minute lags compromise the integrity and usefulness of communication during problem solving. The project participates in NASA’s competition to develop a heads-up-display (HUD) for astronauts. The HUD uses object recognition to show astronauts how to complete tasks as well as displaying vital information (e.g. battery life), in response to voice commands.