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Jerrod Barth Game Design
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2019

About Me

Hey! I'm Jerrod, a game design major driving from a small town called Roanoke. Technically, I'm a senior here at Bradley University when this is actually my second year in the program. It's sort of a funny story (not really).

I have a B.A. in Theatre from Eureka College, alma mater to our 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan (the actor), and had decided to return to school to pursue another favorite hobby of mine: video games.

I've always been attracted to games that do that one little thing that sets it apart from the others. Whether it's the use of a particular art style, a story that sucks you in, its score, or any combination of those, I hope to one day take those aspects and create something memorable and that everyone can enjoy.

Some of the game designers I look up to are Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the iconic "Mario" and "Zelda" games and Hideo Kojima, the visionary behind the highly cinematic "Metal Gear" franchise. Kojima's ability to blend cinematic storytelling like that of a movie with gameplay to create a wholly memorable experience is the goal I hope to achieve in my career.

When I'm not painstakingly putting walls together by their vertices or making sure the characters don't fall through the endless void of the world, I doodle, watch movies, and, of course, partake in theatrical productions whenever I get the chance. Usually, they are musicals because life needs a little song and dance once in a while.

Which studio do I hope to be a part of? Whichever one will hire me is an obvious answer, but I hope to be part of a team where my objective of creating a memorable experience is shared with the rest of them.

Featured Projects

Sights of Peoria

Sights of Peoria

2017 - A fun fact about this is this was actually made in about a day to create a portfolio to showcase for a possible internship. The last time I had ever edited/recorded video anything similar to this level was back in high school in 2009. Having only my iPhone 6s Plus to record anything, I asked my mother to brave the cold and drive around various places of the Peoria area to capture some footage to put together in a montage. Shot on iPhone 6s Plus; edited in Adobe Premiere Pro



2017 - Being a long time Final Fantasy fan, I was ecstatic to finally see the long-waited release of Final Fantasy XV. Lunafreya, or Luna for short, is another example of a strong female character who can stand on her own. While she may be underutilized, she has proven to me to be another stand out character in a seemingly male-dominated world. Made in Clip Studio Paint.

Game Production 3D Game #1

Game Production 3D Game #1

2017 - A lot has happened in just a few short weeks. Having known next to nothing about how to use Unity, in our IM289 Game Production class, I've finally started to grasp the basic fundamentals of how to write scripts and create basic levels. While it's far from anything worthy of being in a AAA studio or even an indie game, I've been able to quickly adapt and learn new tools to create not only functional working levels (or at least with minimal bugs), but fun levels. I look forward to honing that skill in the coming years at Bradley. Feel free to download the ZIP file and give the game a whirl. Just bear in mind, it's my first 3D game. Made in Unity.

You were set on a mission to look for a missing archaeologist who was last seen exploring the ruins of an ancient Egyptian site. Upon entry, you discover the deceased archaeologist and a booby trap seals the door behind you. Not wishing to face the same fate as the unfortunate soul that entered before, you must uncover a way to disable the trap and escape. Be careful though, you only have 30 minutes until you run out of air!