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About Me

I am a designer and illustrator from Decatur, Illinois. I have passion for designing logos/icons, digital illustrations, and user interfaces.

Outside of school, I have had the great opportunity to intern at Pekin Insurance as a UX Designer, and currently intern at Illinois Mutual as a Graphic Designer.

These internships have had a big impact, by allowing me to grow my skills as a designer, as well as teach me the soft skills that are just as important.

My goal is to become a full-time illustrator/designer for a technology company.

Outside of design, I produce hip-hop beats using Ableton Live, practice my half court jumper (ha!), and learn to code in swift and python.

Featured Projects

International Women's Day Illustration

International Women's Day Illustration

This was an abstract illustration collage I designed for International Women's Day on March 8th.

City Illustration

City Illustration

Illustration I created a design challenge contest. The objective was to create a website for a fictitious company called SPACED. I designed this illustration to be placed in the footer section of the website