Aby Tuttle

Animation Senior – 2023

Abygail Tuttle is a senior Interactive Media Animation major with a minor in Studio Arts at Bradley University. With a passion for storytelling and a love for animation, she has spent the past few years honing her skills in storyboarding, 2D/3D animation, and illustration. Throughout her time at Bradley University, Aby has had the opportunity to work on several projects, including short films, motion graphics, 2D rigging, and 3D modeling.

When Aby isn’t working on animation projects, she enjoys reading, cooking, painting, and traveling. She believes that exploring a variety of interests helps inform her artistic practice and keeps her inspired.

After graduation, Aby plans to pursue a career in the animation industry as either a concept artist, environment artist, color artist, or 3D modeler. With a passion for animation and a strong portfolio, she is excited to take on new challenges and continue telling stories through animation.