Coming Up On Your Right...

April 22nd 2023, 10 AM - 5 PM

Peoria Riverfront Museum

This annual showcase of Bradley University’s Department of Interactive Media allows students of all stripes to show off their unique talents and creative skills to travelers near and far. Any folks that stop in will get to enjoy a wide array of free interactive exhibits, colorful animations, and incredible experiences. So fill up your tank and hit the road to join us on April 22nd at the Peoria Riverfront Museum from 10am-5pm. We hope to see you there!

Stop by for our FUSE Exhibits!

Debuting at Fuse this year are six Catapult Projects. These are cross-discipline creations worked on by students from the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Throughout both semesters, teams are hard at work perfecting these projects with consistent feedback from faculty and other peers. In addition to Catapult we will also be showcasing the Senior Game Design Capstone project, the game developed by the Master’s Program as well as several independent student projects including an audience driven interactive adventure. Beyond this we will also be displaying the experiences of our UI/UX students, showing off the works of our animation students, and presenting the portfolios of our game art students.


Packlash is a two player game where you pick a random pack, shuffle it, and play. Each deck has items that give you different win conditions. Interactions and reactions are cards that manipulate the game to help you get to your win condition. You play interactions and items on your turn and reactions on your opponent’s turn.

Quality Assurance

A wacky and open-ended shooter/sandbox game where you "work" as a QA intern at a company that manufactures ridiculous and reckless sci-fi products for the everyday consumer. Entrusting them to you will be a mistake they won't soon forget.

Production Team

We are the FUSE Production Team. A lot of things need to be done to make sure that the event itself runs smoothly, and that’s where we come in. We are here to plan the events, set up sponsorships, and reach out to the community with info about the event. On top of that, we are also in charge of the companion app for the event, FUSEBOX. Our goal here is to make sure that all the hard work students have been putting in throughout the year can be properly recognized by their peers, the University, and the general public!

Wicked Wizards

Gather your comrades of chaos and enter the world of Wicked Wizards. Blast unicorns with fire, pummel pixies with rocks, and poison your enemies for vengeance. Fight for your right to rule the world with an iron fist and heavy metal. Protect the mystical orb, and corrupt your sickly sweet surroundings.

The Levees Were Dry

In The Levees Were Dry, the harvest season has come around once again, and you and your fellow farmers are scrambling to reap as much as you’ve sown! In is a push-your-luck strategy game with a 12-card format compete with 3 - 6 of your friends to harvest as much as you can each season!

Train Trials

Train Trials is a captivating Freshman-made experience, following the protagonist, Eeveeon, as he is tasked to parkour and solve puzzles to regain control of a runaway train.


Steam Stars is an e-learning platform for ages 5-12 featuring games, lectures, animations, videos, and more! The website is free to access for students who want to learn more about healthcare.


S.C.O.U.T. is a rover piloting simulator set on an alien planet, filled with ancient and bizarre wonders waiting to be found. Explore the terrain, make your mark, and pass the torch onto the next pilot. Together, we go beyond!

Party Crashers

Party Crashers is a festive VR experience where the player defends their birthday party from evil piñatas that seek to ruin all the fun. Piñata Hyenas charge the player while wreaking havoc on the decorations. Party-Hat Pelicans pelt the player with heat seeking hats. The Streamer Squid pulls all the streamers from the bouncy castle, comfortably commanding the backyard battlefield. Players will be taken on an arcade style brawler through the colorful remains of their birthday party where they will bash piñatas, collect candy, and save the day!

Out of Service

Out of Service is an interactive full-motion video game starring YOU, the audience, as you embark on a perilous adventure -- trying to get laundry done on campus! As you explore the laundry-verse, you'll meet a diverse cast of characters and make critical decisions that will decide your fate! Out of Service has multiple endings, so no two viewings will be the same!


Fortissimetal is a four-player competitive game, where you can work together to save the land, or push to dominate it. Players rock out on their guitars in a magical, musical duel to decide the fate of the world!

Forklift Monkeys

Forklift Monkeys is a third-person couch co-op battle arena game where you play as one of four forklift driving monkeys. Build up power as you navigate the arena, and earn points by running into other players and sending them flying off the arena into the bottomless pit below. The monkey with the most points after 60 seconds wins!

Firework Frenzy

Firework Frenzy is a singleplayer VR experience where players can create and customize fireworks to their liking. Players can customize the colors, bursts, trails, size. Anything they want to light up the night sky! After creating them, they are able to view them in their very own firework show!


Chronoclasm is a fast-paced, high adrenaline roguelike that will keep you on your toes. Unravel a twisted mystery and control the flow of time as you delve deep to rescue your missing brother.

Arcana Arcade

Arcana Arcade is a physics-based, player-vs-player touchtable experience where players use their fingers to draw out symbols pertaining to spells, and then fling those spells to cast them onto the board. Players start by selecting which faction they will battle as, with each faction controlling two elements: Fire & Lightning, and Ice & Wind. These spells can be cast to: damage the opponent player, set up defenses, or create special effects. Players will try to deal as much damage during their playtime in order to defeat their opponent.

Animation in Motion

Animation in Motion is an exhibit for animation students in capstone to show their short films in the theater. This experience includes the compendium reel and production bumper. This year will feature a booth and greeter for the very first time. Previously only referred to as "the video showcase", Animation in Motion has completely rebranded its experience far beyond its predecessors.

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