Wendy Escamilla

Game Design Sophomore – 2024

Hello! My name is Wendy Escamilla. I am a sophomore Game Design Major and Computer Science Minor. I like to turn stories and abstract meanings into art. I realized the same thing can be done to games. To me, games can be more than fun leisure, they can be another way of communicating a message. I have a passion for art and pixel animation, but I also want to branch out and learn new things. Working in a team of creatives, I realized game design is a combination of the things I love; art, design, storytelling, and problem-solving. From these projects, I realized how fun making games is and how this is a career for me. Outside of games, I like to share experiences with people. Whether it’s with my family or in an online community, I think it’s beautiful to see people from all backgrounds joined together to make fanart, theories, and overall being happy. Seeing this makes me want to make and be part of something with such impact.