Ruby Harding

Game Art Sophomore – 2024

Hey there, I’m Ruby Harding, a sophomore Game Art Major from Tremont, IL. I know some 3D art from learning my major, but most of my experience is with 2D art, both digital and traditional, as I find it easier, more enjoyable, and less time consuming. I use Photoshop for some of my art but mostly Paint Tool Sai. I also find myself sketching on paper all the time. I draw a lot and also enjoy creating other things, like stories or builds in games like minecraft. I also love video games in general. I enjoy the gameplay, characters stories, music, and graphics of a lot of video games. In my art, I mostly focus on character design, since I’ve always found that the most interesting. I focus on creatures, like dragons or monsters, and also anthropromorphic animals. I also draw a lot of my favorite characters from properties like Undertale and Deltarune, Pokémon, and of course my own imagination!