Cheese Chase

Cheese Chase is a 2 player competitive game about making the fastest path out of pipes to get the most mice or rats to your cheese pile!

Nidus Sopor

Nidus Sopor is a 16-bit style action stealth game. The Story: On another world, the planet is covered in mostly water and the humans of the planet have flourished on the many islands, until the Unke awoke from their deep underwater slumber and started their assault… Steal an Unke egg from their nest on a perilous research mission to help understand the crustacean monsters.

Scrapyard Skirmish

Scrapyard Skirmish is a 4 player team based strategy game for android tablet devices. Teams must work together to place units to both defend their scrap pile and raid the opponents'. Players must choose carefully from a roster of unique and quirky characters, they must also act quickly as they only have a limited amount of time to defeat their adversaries. Scrapyard Skirmish is a unique, fun, and colorful game suitable for players of all ages.


Creatabase is an interactive art gallery experience that allows users to create their own art and “digitize” them by uploading a picture of them to a database. Art in this database is then pulled and displayed on a projected screen which, thanks to motion tracking technology, can be interacted with using ones whole body in a fully immersive way. The goal with this project is to create an enthralling experience through interactivity and the premise that users are actively taking part in “creating” this exhibit. Additionally, it aims to make people aware of the correlations between digital media and traditional media in an effort to teach users of the potential of this technology to bridge their differences.

Project Team

Creature Command

Choose elemental creatures to battle your friends on the Amazon Echo. In Creature Command, you control creatures with merely your voice. Each elemental is two elements in one so pick the mix that matches well with you. This turn based game is fun for the whole family so feel free to stop by to visit with our cast of elementals at Fuse!


In this experience, the player will be put into a frozen world armed only with snowballs and the ability to conjure ice shields to protect yourself against the endless horde of animated snowmen.


Cattlepult is a four player game designed for the Ideum Touch Table that pits two teams against each other in a barnyard battle of epic proportions. Players cooperate to gather cows to their pastures, fatten them up, and launch them at their opponent’s barns. Destroy the opposing side’s barns and you win! Our goal is to provide a fast paced experience that combines strategy and skill, combined with a unique brand of humor. Play for prizes and a take-home version of the game!

Spectral Scramble

A 2-vs-1 augmented reality tabletop game where two ghost hunters try to capture the ghost that haunts the board.

BU EARTH: NASA Mixed Reality Experience

Earth to space communication speed depends on quite a few factors. Distance, location, and satellites. Varying positions of the sender and receiver can cause delays between a few seconds and twenty minutes. Try solving a simple issue on your car with only having communication to and from your instructor every twenty minutes. This problem is why NASA has put on this competition to develop a heads-up-display (HUD) for astronauts. This HUD will use object recognition to show astronauts how to complete tasks, and display vitals such as battery life, all reacting to the sound of their voice.

Project Team

Kevin Mikolajczak


Kevin Mikolajczak

Team Lead